Sun Defense Range From VLCC: Review

Hello my lovely ladies πŸ™‚
Hope you all are doing great! πŸ˜€
Well, summers have finally arrived and sun is shinning bright on our heads! With scorching heat and temperature rising every day, our skin is becoming oily and prone to acne. I have a combination skin and I am getting irritated with those little pimples popping out of nowhere on my face! The harmful rays of sun are not only making us dehydrated but also playing a havoc on the skin!! Sun burn and tanning is making skin look dark, dull and lifeless. :/
As a blogger I get to try a lot of new products from various brands. Some complement my skin type and some don’t.


I recently tried the new sun-defense range from VLCC. I used their products for 7 days regularly and the only word I have for their new range is ‘FABULOUS’. πŸ™‚



I am so happy that I got a chance to try these products. I used their walnut scrub, sunscreen lotion and post-tanning pack (yes, they have come up with this magical pack as well). They have different sunscreens for different people and their special needs. I was recommended a SPF-40 sunscreen as I am not exposed to sun a lot.



The expert at VLCC also recommended using a post-tanning pack to soothe the skin and remove tanning. This is such an awesome face pack with the goodness of cucumber. It is cool, soothes sun burns and hydrates skin in best possible manner. It is my most favourite summer beauty product this year.



The sunscreens are non-sticky and easy to spread. The entire range is filled with the goodness of nature. I don’t apply makeup everyday, but if you do then they have a new sun-defense tinted souffley which is a perfect base for your everyday makeup. I am planning to try their anti-tan facewash as well!
The USP of these products is that they are all ‘Paraben Free’ and not very expensive (each product under Rs. 500). πŸ™‚
Paraben is a type of preservative found in most of the beauty products to increase its shelf life. It is a major component that causes breast cancer in women. It is banned in most of the European countries. VLCC has decided to make all their beauty products paraben free. So, next time whenever you go for cosmetic n skincare shopping, do check the back of each product. Try and buy products that are free from paraben.
I hope you loved the review, do share your views in the comment section. You can also share your favourite anti-tanning products that you swear by.
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You can buy their products online from here


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