Delicious Food At Heiwa Heaven

Are you a foodie? Do you get foodgasm whenever you look at any mouthwatering dish? Well, if you do, you are going to love the sumptuous food at Heiwa Heaven!

This place, surrounded by Aravalis, is a paradise for every foodie. They serve one of the best Rajasthani thalis that I have ever tasted. 

Heiwa Heaven has a pure-veg, multi-cuisines restaurant named Nirwana Woods. It offers a fine dining experience in a very cozy environment. The aroma of the food here is going to stimulate your senses.

They serve the most delicious Rajasthani food here in a proper traditional style. I had a two day stay there and I must confess that I had the yummiest desi food of my life!

The best cuisine to try is their Rajasthani thali, especially, daal, baati and churma! It just melts in your mouth!

I had a great time at Heiwa Heaven. Thanks a lot for such amazing hospitality. 🙂


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