My Hair Makeover At F Salon, Rajouri Garden

Good Morning Friends☺️

Today’s review is about my hair makeover! I had never every experimented with my tresses much. It was two weeks back that I decided to try something different on my hair. I decided to have hair highlights!

I went to F Salon in Rajouri Garden as I had heard a lot of positive things about their hair services. I must say, they have truly lived up to my expectations. I am so glad that I got my first hair highlights from there!

I have naturally soft curls in dark brown. The hair expert at the salon suggested me to go for blonde highlights as it will suit my skin tone and natural hair colour.

I got the Loreal highlights in blonde. Before going for the highlights, I was a little sceptical but when I saw my highlights, I was damn impressed! 

As I don’t have very thick hair, he did very thin streaks, which added great volume to my otherwise thin hair.

I am so happy after the highlights. I have been getting a lot of compliments for my hair! I had not drastically made any difference on my face and I am happy!

The entire staff at F Salon is very friendly and cooperative. Their hair experts are very experienced and really good at their job. 

As it was a day to pamper myself, I also got a manicure and pedicur done from there. Their mani-pedi session also included a nice massage and this was what I needed the most after the tiring week at work! 

A special mention to the hygiene standards that they have maintained. All in all, I was damn impressed. It was my first visit to F Salon and I am surely going to visit the salon often!

If you too are planning to give your hair a nice makeover, give F Salon a try. I van assure you that you will come out of that place with a big smile on your face and satisfaction in your heart!

A big thumbs up to F Salon and its staff, keep up the good job guys☺️


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